America's Jazz Joy and Roy from can get you laid when you turn it up really loud; and JJ&R is The Official Roy O'Dell Gray Sr DJ Event Job and Free Generator Rental Center for The Jazz Joy and Roy Online Radio Show, the world's number 1 search result for Prussiadential Election, yes Prussiadential Election-----Est. 2007. It was great seeing all of you at the event!
This awesome painting was finished on Monday September 30th 2019 By American Artist Kathy Gray For America's World-Famous Jazz Joy and Roy, founded by veteran broadcaster Roy O'Dell Gray Sr in 2007 with money earned from Roy's then day job as a star customer service rep for American mobile giant Verizon Wireless, where Roy first dreamt of giving his own customers great deals and becoming "The Recognized King of DJ Customer Service!"-----Another bootstrapping reality made possible by America and a friend of Roy's you'll hear about at the end of every JJ&R episode.---Tip for artists: Marry a DJ named Roy O'Dell Gray!

  We are thrilled to have you every time you visit!

   Official Official Official Official Kathy Gray Jazz Joy and Roy Painting Completed In 2019 On September 30th[/caption]