Enjoy world-famous Jazz Joy and Roy flashback episodes starring Kathy's husband, Roy O'Dell Gray Sr while Roy and Kathy work their butts off to give their DJ And Voice Over clients the rest of the best-ever Roy O'Dell Gray October Thru March DJ And Voice Over Season! People who turn down the volume on their cable TV news shows and turn up Jazz Joy and Roy, welcome; critical-thinking experts, welcome, especially those who have saved corporations millions of dollars and who give Roy a steady stream of great ideas to make Jazz Joy and Roy even more famous; tennis lovers, welcome, especially those who refuse to let the competition have more fun than you, like Roy did in a Tuesday February 11th 2020 Sun City match; listeners from across the globe who know Roy really thinks they rock, welcome, even though half of them frequently encourage Roy to take Roy's opinions and go fly a kite; friends who don't mind letting world-class dee jays borrow their vans to transport extra equipment, welcome; friends who don't mind rising early to come help a friend remain The King of DJ and Voice-Over Customer Service, welcome; all atheles, welcome, especially those who like to create wiggle room for their teammates by executing early and often (something Roy failed to do in a January 30th, 2020 tennis match); honest Fellow Earthlings, welcome, especially those who turn over lost wallets of broadcasters like Roy to trusted pickup locations like police stations and America's R.I. International; former teachers, welcome, especialy those who can get through to dense-but-always-willing-to-learn Disc Jockeys like Roy to teach about ethnic groups of people like the Hmong, which dense-but-always-willing-to-learn Disc Jockeys like Roy did not know existed; great competitors like the ones on America's Happy Trails Tennis Team who can give Roy the kind of workout and decompression you need when you plan on continuing to be The King of DJ And Voice-Over Customer Service, welcome; Dudes Named Roy who channel the energy from their frustrations back into their DJ and Voice-Over operations to keep flying the "kite of business" beyond the reach of their own self-doubt quarter after quarter, welcome; awesome tennis players like Steve who can kick your proverbial can all over the court, rendering you motionless and so sore that all you can do is lie down on the bench and reflect on why mere mortal sinners like Roy call on God for even more grace and joy when life and incredible tennis gurus like Steve, Chuck, Jesse, Ken, Roger, The Two Daves, Robert, The Two Really Big Dicks, The Two Johns, Keith, Mike and others kick their butts, welcome; classic car lovers of all races who dig the best music variety, welcome; police department brass and their active and retired officers, welcome; American Vets and their descendents, welcome; great pastors like Kenny and Travis, welcome; everybody that extends a helping hand across political party lines like Roy and Kathy and their neighbors, welcome; strong women like Kathy who are creative enough to always, but always exercise their American right to have something to say without missing a beat, even though their husbands have just put their proverbial feet down and spoken, welcome; and anybody who has ever set a backfire to protect Americans...welcome. Book Roy O'Dell Gray to DJ. Only 695.00!-----Listen to Jazz Joy and Roy for a chance to win a Million Roy Dollars!-----Jazz Joy and Roy (JJ&R) host Roy O'Dell Gray has appeared at fine events like Arizona USA's spectacular Duffeeland Doggie Days and the famous annual Vintage Vehicles Classic Car Restoration Show at The Beautiful Sun Bowl Amphitheatre! Plus JJ&R is The Official Roy O'Dell Gray Sr DJ Event Job and Free Generator Rental Center for The Jazz Joy and Roy Online Radio Show, the world's number 1 search result for Prussiadential Election-----Happy Birthday to all listeners, clients and Gray/Hanson family and friends celebrating a birthday this year!-----JJ&R was established in 2007. It was great seeing all of you at the event!-----Please put our contact info on your phone or other device: Domestic DJ Customer Care: 714-421-1838 or JazzJoyandRoy@Outlook.com-----International DJ Customer Care: 1-714-421-1838 or JazzJoyandRoy@Outlook.com-----Domestic DJ Sales: 714-421-1838-----International DJ Sales: 1-714-421-1838-----Song Requests: JazzJoyandRoy@gmail.com-----Global Narration/Voice Over Sales: 4ValuedClient@gmail.com-----Outdoor Events: RGRoyGray@gmail.com -----Global General Delivery Mailing Address: Celebrity DJ Roy O'Dell Gray, Arizona USA 85351

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   Official Official Official Official Kathy Gray Jazz Joy and Roy Painting Completed In 2019 On September 30th[/caption]