American Vets welcome! Book Roy to DJ. Today. Get a free Universal Carplay System with your 10th paid full price DJ Order! Jazz Joy and Roy (JJ&R) host Roy O'Dell Gray AKA Roy Gray, Duffeeland Doggie Days MC and Disc Jockey for the amazing annual Vintage Vehicles Sun Bowl Amphitheatre Classic Car Show! Plus JJ&R is The Official Roy O'Dell Gray Sr DJ Event Job and Free Generator Rental Center for The Jazz Joy and Roy Online Radio Show, the world's number 1 search result for Prussiadential Election-----Est. 2007. It was great seeing all of you at the event!

  We are thrilled to have you every time you visit!

   Official Official Official Official Kathy Gray Jazz Joy and Roy Painting Completed In 2019 On September 30th[/caption]