The Two Earthlings That Let God Let Them Start The Jazz Joy and Roy Global Craze

United States bandera



Roy’s beautiful wife Kathy once overheard actress Telma Hopkins say the kind words about Roy that you hear on the Jazz Joy and Roy opening…Kathy suggested that Jazz Joy and Roy obtain permission from the Hollywood star to broadcast the comment, which went on to catapult Jazz Joy and Roy onto top-show charts around the globe.  Others who made similar impromptu statements were added to the mix and the rest is proverbial history!  (No new impromptu supportive comments about Roy will be added to the iconic promo.)


That’s correct, Fellow Earthlings, Telma Hopkins, one of Hollywood’s most recognizable personalities, is heard everywhere, from Pezones Bolivia to Verga New Jersey, applauding Roy along with Jenifer Lewis, Wendy Raquel Robinson and more on the Jazz Joy and Roy opening. Click this great American flag United States banderato support this star with the same kind of passion that Hopkins screamed to help make Jazz Joy and Roy a big hit.

United States bandera

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