Roy O’Dell Gray Sr. Bio in brief.—Welcome, whether you are a madura peluda (woman with long hair) or un tipo sin pelo (bald guy)!

United States bandera



Roy O’Dell Gray Sr./Sounds like: Sun Jung Watts, Google Sun Jung Watts by clicking here.

For a full bio or resume’ email Roy, at ………………Born deep, deep, deep in the heart of Watts USA, Jazz Joy and Roy’s phenomenally flexible Roy O’Dell Gray Sr., has been averaging about 20 hours a week in studio since hanging up his drumsticks and leaving the Los Angeles based band “Love, Peace and Happiness” at the age of 20. Roy fascinates Earthlings everywhere, from Bel Air USA To Tunis Tunisia, because Roy, who comes from a family that has given the world multiple music, sports and entertainment celebrities, has played everything on the air via various terrestrial and online radio stations………………After getting paid weakly–very weakly–for independent contractor voice-related work by such entertainment giants as Dreamworks and Westwood One, Roy developed a passion for reaching out to even the most obscure towns in the world through self-produced radio programming………………Since 2007, Roy’s core responsibility has been to inspire Earthlings who click here via The Jazz Joy and Roy syndicated radio show and podcast, which is reminiscent of the Love Peace and Happiness band name and is enjoying incredible word-of-mouth that was started by the rich and famous folks that you hear on each episode of Jazz Joy and Roy.




___________________________ is protected by copyright and trademark laws under US and international law. All rights reserved. Copyright © 2007-2017. And remember: Roy is not a know-it-all, he is a know-them-all, who routinely reaches out.... ---Ladies, receive "Roy Dollars" if Roy, who used to be a ho, has hit on you while married to Kathy. ----Correction: The name of Kathy’s extraordinary hair stylist is spelled Sylvana.

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