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Though Roy's Beautiful, Talented Wife May Gripe And Moan, May This Fact Always Be Known: "When You Hire Roy O'Dell Gray To DJ Or Voice Your Event, You Always Pay Just $695.00 Or Less, And Get Superb Customer Service, Guaranteed!"

Step 1–Play this again

to repeat Roy’s great flat rate!



Step 2–Ask for Roy or Kathy when you call 714-421-1838 to comfirm that Roy and Kathy can commit to your date.



Step 3. Email your genre choices or detailed playlists to JazzJoyandRoy@Outlook.com




Roy is thrilled everytime customers provide an opportunity for Roy to experience the joy of spoiling them with superb service, and, though Kathy may gripe and moan about Roy's super low rates, Kathy gets joy from it, too!