Ok, so here is the official press statement from Roy about that prison-over-taxes rumor

“I, Roy, PromoPicJazzJoyandRoy  categorically deny that I am heading to the slammer over tax challenges, and I thank each and every Press Earthling in advance for not running what would be a poorly sourced story.  PromoPicJazzJoyandRoy In closing, I invite all my Fellow Earthlings to enjoy a nice game of Chinese Whispers or Telephone, in which the whispered sentence gets twisted a zillion ways by the time it gets to the last Earthling in the group.  PromoPicJazzJoyandRoy And who can forget that ad about Coke With Lime, where the Tech Earthling runs up to his Boss Earthling and bellows, ‘You put the lime in the coke, you nut’, to the tune of the classic hit Coconut!”  (Listen to the Prison episode for details.)