Nookie Nouncement™

Nookie Nouncement By Jazz Joy and Roy

An adult service, Nookie Nouncement authorizes that special guy to come get that nookie, without MeToo repercussions. Please be patient, Nookie Nouncement orders are filled in the order in which they were received. Both sender and receiver will be emailed a copy of the Nookie Nouncement, usually within 2 hours. Makes a great gift for hubby from the wife who wants to officially announce, 'You may come out of the doghouse!" Your Nookie Nouncer, portrayed by Roy of Jazz Joy and Roy, announces, “Hi, (recipient name here), this Nookie Nouncent has been sent to you by (sender’s name here). It’s official, you can get that nookie. Please remember that nookie offered in this Nookie Nouncement can be revoked by the Nookie Nouncement sender at any time, and it is strongly suggested that you ask if the Nookie Nouncement sender is sure, before getting that nookie.”