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Listen to Tom Jones when politics make you madder than a wet dog

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Hats Off To MBA Superstar Roy O’Dell Gray Jr —— We have received our maximum 100 song requests via JazzJoyandRoy@Outlook.com for Saturday May 8, 2021, please try again Monday starting at 4am USA Mountain Time. —— Jazz Joy and Roy Global Radio® - Broadcast near Costco in Maricopa County USA - Phone: 714-421-1838 - Email - JazzJoyandRoy@Outlook.com

Since 2007, All Fellow Peaceful Black, White, Brown, Purple and Orange Earthlings Who Put Kind Over Matter and Flock To Jazz Joy and Roy Global Radio For Musical Healing When Something, Anything, Pisses Them Off, have been required to sing or hum along when they hear a great song after pressing the Red and White Jazz Joy and Roy Global Radio Button! —————-And remember, keep your device locked on Jazz Joy and Roy Global Radio and, as two professionally bright people were recently overheard saying, “When everybody does a little singing, nobody has to sing a lot.....”----------- Important Note: For best results Jazz Joy and Roy Global Radio now recommends 4 to 6 reps of the exercise of your choice, situation permitting, each time your mind relives the occurrence that pissed you off....—————Also, Jazz Joy and Roy suggests being prepared to utilize the powerful energy from your anger to finally do some of your most tedious procrastinated chores (filling out the most-requested songs log and reviewing the thousands of songs submitted to Jazz Joy and Roy Global Radio by music promoters for airplay are Roy’s). —————-Another way to use that passion for the greater good is giving a soothing massage to another pissed off person (spouses are ideal) to relieve your own pissed off passions (really works for Roy, who has been successfully massaging women since the age of 5), switching hands each time pissed off passions re-emerge....—————-Occasionally, we get listeners who are not currently pissed off. These listeners should allow the invigorating memories brought back by Jazz Joy and Roy Global Radio music to propel their exercise and massages, changing exercises or massage hands as the memories change......————————— And, yes, Roy still pisses himself off when Roy fails to find brilliant, creative, tactful and succinct ways to remind the amazing DJ and Voice Over customers who live in the same great desert community as Roy that, no matter how exciting the opportunity, there is “no way” Roy is going to engage in any outdoor activity that does not allow Roy to keep one hand on a sun blocking umbrella, except tennis, after 7am between April and September...—————————- And, yes, Jazz Joy and Roy Global Radio Host Roy O’Dell Gray Sr is still resisting the temptation to sell access to Jazz Joy and Roy Global Radio, because Roy gets so much joy from calming down pissed off listeners around the globe that Roy would not even accept the money that Roy gets for Deejay/Voice-Over services, nor would Roy take the money Roy makes when you buy a bunch of stuff from JazzJoyandRoy.com advertisers, if Roy did not also derive joy from reducing the pissed off passions of Kathy, whose first ever glance at Roy appeared, in Roy’s view, to scream, “Get lost, Little Man, you’re pissing me off” and who is the executive producer, manager, and head of the Frequent Marital Relations With The Host division of Jazz Joy and Roy Global Radio.———————“Hey, Roy, just want you to know that my husband and I have been listening to you almost every night hear in Canada ever since we had the pleasure of meeting you at that awesome car show when we visited Arizona.”—Darlene M.———————“Hello there, Roy. I don’t have to tell that that Sun Bowl where you MC’d the car show before the pandemic is as huge as it is beautiful. I walked around that whole venue til I found you to tell you that, until I heard you, I had never heard an announcer who made me want to hear him do more commercials than play music. Funny thing is, I bumped into other people who were trying to find you to tell you the same kind of stuff! I’m so glad I found your radio show online, but do we have to go catch you at another event somewhere to hear more of those ads where you use specially selected music to sell stuff?”—Rachel S.

News from Russia: --Russia orders national mask mandate as coronavirus cases spike --Putin says equipment a problem in production of Russian COVID-19 vaccines

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