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Listen to Still Another Group That Is Well Promoted To Jazz Joy and Roy By Airplay Direct, The Down East Boys, especially when politics make you madder than a wet British Bulldog, and the sweet, anointed harmony of singers who truly love The Gospel hits the spot in your spirit. This Broadcast Also Massages The Nerves Of The Jazz Joy and Roy Listener Base Made Up Of Housewives Of Every Race, Color And Creed Who Are Helping Jazz Joy And Roy Restore Civility In America

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Resultado de imagen para The down east boys
Resultado de imagen para The down east boys
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In Loving Memory of Ray Briscoe - Jazz Joy and Roy Global Radio® - Sun City, Arizona USA 85351 - Phone: 714-421-1838 - Email - JazzJoyandRoy@Outlook.com

Warning: Smoking, Alcohol Use, Foul Language, Sexual Activity, and Nudity among our listeners cannot be controlled by Jazz Joy and Roy Global Radio. —————However, since 2007, All Fellow Peaceful Pissed Off Earthlings Who Live Roy’s “Kind Over Matter” Motto, whether Black, White, Brown, Purple or Orange, have been required to sing or hum along when they hear a great song after pressing the Red and White Jazz Joy and Roy Global Radio Button!----------- Those Fellow Pissed Off Earthlings who do not should know that JJ&R is encouraging listeners in every nook and cranny of the world to playfully give them the stink eye on behalf of Jazz Joy and Roy Global Radio....---------- And, yes, Jazz Joy and Roy Global Radio Host Roy O’Dell Gray Sr gets so much joy from calming down pissed off listeners around the globe that Roy would not accept the money that Roy gets for Deejay/Voice-Over services, nor would Roy take the money Roy makes when you buy a bunch of stuff from JazzJoyandRoy.com advertisers, if Roy did not also derive joy from reducing the pissed off passions of Kathy, who is the executive producer, manager, and head of the Frequent Marital Relations With The Host division of Jazz Joy and Roy Global Radio.

News from Russia: --Russia orders national mask mandate as coronavirus cases spike --Putin says equipment a problem in production of Russian COVID-19 vaccines

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