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Roy Gray Roy O'Dell Gray Roy O'Dell Gray Sr Jazz Joy and Roy Since 2007, The Multitude's ability to stay politically pissed has often been destroyed by this small bilingual American music business. Germany's Radio.Net and other distortion-free broadcast partners, plus wise listeners and DJ clients of all races put 'Jazz Joy and Roy' on page 1 of the Google searches 'Prussiadential Election' and 'Top News and Politics Podcasts In The Country' in each country. Catch the end of each broadcast to find out what gives former Steven Spielberg Gameworks DJ Roy O'Dell Gray the power to forgive any politician in less than an hour.

Listen to Rod Stewart when politics make you madder than a wet dog

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Listener Guide: Just keep scrolling down and you’ll see any specific Jazz Joy and Roy Global Radio episode or content you may have selected, promise!-----Hats Off To MBA Superstar Roy O’Dell Gray Jr. We also congratulate Cousin Vinnie, who has his double AS degree for Architectural Design and Drafting Architecture!—— Jazz Joy and Roy Global Radio has received our maximum 100 song requests via JazzJoyandRoy@Outlook.com for Saturday September 25 2021, please try again Monday starting at 4am USA Mountain Time. Wanted: Just a few more requests from listeners who love cars. Arizonans who have asked for a running COVID tally will be interested to note that Arizona recently reported over 1 million COVID cases, and listeners who wish to keep track of the Arizona COVID death toll may copy and paste this link: https://usafacts.org/visualizations/coronavirus-covid-19-spread-map/state/arizona ----- —— Sunday October 12th, 2021 at noon Mountain time catch the special broadcast of more great email from The Poster Person For Great Jazz Joy and Roy Global Radio Email Submission, Roger 'Mr. Tidbit' Cumbie! You'll get to enjoy at least 14 brand new Mr. Tidbit submissions, plus we’ll take you down Mr. Tidbit Memory Lane! Save the date!---- Roy and Kathy are sending out heartfelt thanks to Larry, Karen, Floyd, Beth, Jimmie, Cathy and many, many others from their church who have warmed Roy and Kathy’s hearts with birthday wishes. ——-JazzJoyandRoy.com, The Official Website for Jazz Joy and Roy Global Radio® as seen in the Jenifer Lewis story on CallOnDolly.com

Pissed-off passion can cause vomiting, the runs, an extremely snotty nose and a documentary-worthy reduction in orgasms, so it is important that you refresh JazzJoyandRoy.com periodically to check for your next inspiring dose of music variety and Roy on Jazz Joy and Roy Global Radio.———————Hint: After refreshing JazzJoyandRoy.com, most listeners avoid getting overly pissed off at Roy for taking too long to play songs from their personal favorite music genres…by pausing—but not closing—the windows of their favorite episodes, returning to them whenever they wish. If this tip has merely confused you, feel free to reach out to us via JazzJoyandRoy@Outlook.com.—————————————-Do you play recreational sports? Has your family seen your sports highlight video? What, don’t have yours yet? Call Roy. Get one. Today. Starting at only $695.00—————————

News from Russia: --Russia orders national mask mandate as coronavirus cases spike --Putin says equipment a problem in production of Russian COVID-19 vaccines
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