Lee Carlson– Jazz Joy and Roy recommends Lee Carlson—Welcome “Google Play Music” fans

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The Jazz Joy and Roy syndicated radio show and podcast proudly recommends Lee Carlson to anyone looking for a good Handy Pro.

Mr. Carlson was hired to paint the home of Roy and his beautiful wife Kathy. Carlson is that rare professional who explains what you can expect, then bends over backwards to exceed those expectations.

Roy and Kathy were impressed with Mr. Carlson’s work for the following additional reasons:

–Mr. Carlson did an exceptional job on their home

–Mr. Carlson showed up when he said he would

–Mr. Carlson has a real knack for sincere customer service, and wowed Kathy and Roy with countless i-Care gestures and policies.


Jazz Joy and Roy also recommends

Pinson’s Window Graphics, LLC

623-225-7132 or 602-918-0207


The above unsolicited recommendations appear on JazzJoyandRoy.com.