Howdy! How may we help you? Contacting Jazz Joy and Roy just got easier than ever!

First, please note that, because Roy has been blessed with the workload of about 10 different Earthlings, PromoPicJazzJoyandRoyRoy can only read about 2 press releases per quarter,PromoPicJazzJoyandRoy so it’s best to email your news releases to American Broadcasting Earthlings with larger staffs PromoPicJazzJoyandRoylike,,, or,PromoPicJazzJoyandRoy  plus remember, Roy accepts no more than 4 regular emails per Earthling per quarter, PromoPicJazzJoyandRoyand Roy instantly forgives Roy's asseach and every Fellow Earthling who listens to Jazz Joy and Roy one second less than 24/7 PromoPicJazzJoyandRoyand does not agree with each and every word Roy utters  on the show (please go tell Jesus on Roy), PromoPicJazzJoyandRoyand Roy cherishes the two who do (wherever you’re hiding),PromoPicJazzJoyandRoy andRoy's ass you can all just click Roy’s donkey (photo of Roy’s donkey and other hot photos may not be visiblePromoPicJazzJoyandRoy when tons of Earthlings click photo at the same time)!