How to handle success—

United States bandera


Here’s the            Jazz           Joy           and           Roy           checklist for handling success: 1. Listen to Jazz Joy and Roy while enjoying several Bible verses, plus read Roy’s second favorite book How To Win Friends And Influence People while doing several multiplication tables in your head, which Roy used to do when playing long songs ages ago on then-CBS radio affiliate WTVR AM & FM in Richmond, VA USA, then workout feverishly, doctor’s approval permitting, some time during the day on which you learn about your success.  Perhaps, for example, it has come to your attention that God, through some of the world’s brightest stars of screen, business and marriage, has helped you accomplish something noteworthy or even historic.   2.  Keep in mind that Earthlings who help spend half a million dollars on each of the gifted recording artists played on Jazz Joy and Roy…are almost as cool as those who to Rent Roy!!

Once again…Thanks for spreading the news about Jazz Joy and Roy’s unequivocal commitment to getting Jazz Joy and Roy addicted free downloaders to collectively spend half a million dollars on each of the recording artists who have made the Jazz Joy and Roy play list and to Rent Roy…by year’s end!

Home is protected by copyright and trademark laws under US and international law. All rights reserved. Copyright © 2007-2017. And remember: Roy is not a know-it-all, he is a know-them-all, who routinely reaches out.... --- Correction: The name of Kathy’s extraordinary hair stylist is spelled Sylvana.

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