Frequently Answered Answers (FAA) serving all areas, from Pezones Bolivia to Verga New Jersey

United States bandera


Check out these Frequently Answered Answers: Frequently Answered Answer: 1. Yes, Fellow Earthlings,           Jazz          Joy           and           Roy            is still one of the highest trending and most downloaded radio shows in the world! 2. Yes, Fellow Earthlings, Roy has relinquished his contract with the famed Examiner news organization, due to Mr. New Media’s time-prohibitive, yet joyful syndication deliveries to great partners like Stitcher Radio…. 3. Yes, Fellow Earthlings, Jazz Joy and Roy does indeed urge Jazz Joy and Roy’s wonderful, addicted new-media free downloaders to collectively purchase half a million dollars worth of addictive music from each selected recording artist, and half a billion dollars worth of addictive DJ, audio consulting and voice-over services–available by both E and Snail mail–from Jazz Joy and Roy’s very own Roy by the last day of the year!   Music is found via the “Song” page and the voice-over details can be found on the “Rent Roy” page!4. Yes, Fellow Earthlings, Jazz Joy and Roy’s Roy really talks to his family the same way he talks to you and Roy does thoroughly enjoy providing joy to the masses! 5. Yes, Fellow Earthlings, that Jazz Joy and Roy TMZ Mention page is here at!   Jazz Joy and Roy’s Roy, Dood Dawg and Kathy, thank you for helping the small Jazz Joy and Roy staff manage the gigantic blessings God has generated through this show! Feel free to go ahead and contact Jazz Joy and Roy if these responses were unclear in any way and…

Thanks again for spreading the news about Jazz Joy and Roy’s unequivocal commitment to getting Jazz Joy and Roy addicted free downloaders to collectively spend half a million dollars on each of the recording artists who have made the Jazz Joy and Roy play list and half a billion dollars on Roy’s traveling DJ, audio consulting and voice-over talent…by year’s end! is protected by copyright and trademark laws under US and international law. All rights reserved. Copyright © 2007-2017. And remember: Roy is not a know-it-all, he is a know-them-all, who routinely reaches out.... --- Correction: The name of Kathy’s extraordinary hair stylist is spelled Sylvana.

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