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Remember this story?

The Jazz Joy and Roy radio show wants Tiger Woods’ wife and fans to forgive

The Jazz Joy and Roy syndicated radio show is asking Elin Nordegren and fans of superstar Tiger Woods to forgive the famous golfer, using the words of some of the world’s leading authorities on forgiveness.

A pre-Tiger-crash episode of the controversial jazz program featured general comments about forgiveness.
Recording artist Alvin Mckinney, whom Jazz Joy and Roy has labeled The Prime Minister of Joyful Jazz, said, “Forgiveness is for the person who has been hurt.”
“It took me a while to forgive Captain G,” said world-renowned Yale professor Miroslav Volf, who was eventually able to forgive the man who victimized Volf with “systematic humiliation” after a communist regime suspected Volf of being an American spy “just because I’ve studied in this country.”
Volf cautioned, “When we forgive, we shouldn’t do it in a haughty way.”
“The purpose of ‘Civil Forum’ is to promote the common good and to promote civility,” Rick Warren said into the Jazz Joy and Roy microphone set up at Saddleback Church, via a special media feed arranged by the world-famous organization.
Warren said, “I don’t know if you noticed it or not, but people are getting more rude.”
His Excellency Paul Kagame, the president of Rwanda, mesmerized Saddleback and the jazz radio audience with his brilliant concept of forgiveness.
“The pain has to be absorbed somehow…for the sake of shaping our future,” Kagame said with the tone of a college professor. “Absorbing of the pain to cover as many people as possible may be grounds to move forward.”
Amy Stevens was heading to the Saddleback Civil Forum when she told Jazz Joy and Roy, “I think Rwanda and President Kagame present an excellent model on how to reconcile.”Apostle J. Dancy, a former Blues recording artist perhaps best known as the drummer for singer Tyrone Davis, offered this generic advice, which aptly applies to the Tiger Woods story:
“You want to avoid hurting people in any kind of way. You don’t want to rip people up and not be able to bring them back,” Dancy told the Jazz Joy and Roy microphone during a walk to the beach on a sunny California day to promote his jazzy and inspiring new album, adding, “No sin is greater than another.”Rich Muchow is an international recording artist who also serves as the worship pastor at Saddleback.
“I think (forgiveness) is such a valuable discussion,” Muchow told Jazz Joy and Roy on the grounds of the sprawling church. “When I forgive it’s like this weight comes off and I feel like, ‘How come I didn’t do that earlier?'”
Muchow believes that people don’t even have to tell the object of the forgiveness that they are being forgiven.
“It’s automatic,” he says.
Saddleback’s charismatic Pastor Steve Rutenbar wants everybody to know, “The world around us is not trying to reconcile, they’re trying to hold on to the past. But if we really want to do things right, there is an avenue….”

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