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Roy O'Dell Gray Sr-An iHeartRadio sensation--The Jazz Joy and Roy Daily Podcast and Syndication Network--Warning: Since 2007, listeners have reported difficulty staying politically pissed while tuned in to the following shows offered by The Jazz Joy and Roy Daily Podcast and Syndication Network. Symptoms include walking around saying to yourself, ‘Oh snap, Roy inspired the hell out of me!’ Select the capital ‘R’ on the ‘Listen On iHeartRadio’ test button to prove we have warned a real person, not some bot. Test number 28794442: Jazz Joy and America For Both Trump Supporters and Haters Jazz Joy and China News & Politics from Jazz Joy and Roy Jazz Joy and Hong Kong ​ខឹងនយោបាយ Jazz Joy and Malaysia Politics Have My Knickers In A Bunch Jazz Joy and France Políticamente Enfadado Jazz Joy and Australia Politics Have My Panties In A Bunch Jazz Joy and Canada Политически злой Jazz Joy and Colombia Politically Pissed Off Jazz Joy and Denmark Rent Roy From Jazz Joy and Roy to DJ Jazz Joy and Mexico Politički ljut Jazz Joy and Portugal Roy Ain’t No Skirt Chasing Ho No Mo Jazz Joy and Taiwan 政治的に怒っている Jazz Joy and Venezuela Roy Gray Politiquement fâché Roy O’Dell Gray Sr Angry Polaitiúil The Jazz Joy and Roy Syndicated Radio Show 政治上生气 Політично сердитий Poliittisesti Vihainen Πολιτικά θυμωμένος 정치적으로 화가났다. Politicamente Arrabbiato Politicky Vztek Politiek Boos Politikailag dühös Politikailag Mérges ℗ & © 2018 to 2022 The Jazz Joy and Roy Podcast and Syndication Network

$695.00 Mobile DJ and Audio Consulting Services—–For The Over 30, Straight, LGBTQ, Black, White, Brown, Christian, Jewish, Jehovah’s Witness and all other communities: 714-421-1838 (USA)—Email:—Official website:——-Overseas fee is double the US fee. —— 501(c)(3) Organizations, ask how you can pay only $395.00 and get a documented $300.00 DJ fee donation!

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Attention, New Live DJ Prospects in The States, put down your $23.23 DJ security deposit today! And Rent Roy O’Dell Gray Sr from the popular Jazz Joy and Roy Daily Podcast and Syndication Network to DJ or voice your event —–during our 2018 October thru December DJ season live and in person for only $695.00.——––Our fabulous returning DJ customers need only give us their word and presto, they’ve got the same rate given before, ——unless our valued DJ client has decided to reward Roy’s uncommon commitment to excellence by renegotiating a slightly higher DJ fee. ——-Check out a few of the over 100 shows on The Jazz Joy and Roy Daily Podcast and Syndication Network,—– then put down your $23.23 DJ deposit today to Rent Roy. —— To DJ. —— For only $695.00.——-Roy O’Dell Gray —— “Not the cheapest DJ deal, but a great deal of real deal DJ.”