Customer Service Contact Info that lets you ask Roy about your Live DJ, audio consulting or equipment rental (Roy operates equipment) order; or make special service requests (to which Roy will likely say yes if you agree to Roy's rate and he is not busy with other clients, the broadcast or giving back to his Church and community) like the one made by the film producer who liked the way Roy called out, "Love, Fifteen" on the tennis court and hired Roy for a series of voice overs; or the DJ client who asked Roy to be the dance partner of a beautiful woman in a talent show; or the Creative Director who was obsessed with the idea of having Roy voice the line, 'Whoops, fall down, go boom!' Use your imagination. Go wild.

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Contact info for The Jazz Joy and Roy Daily Podcast and Syndication Network:

Main Phone Number: 714-421-1838 (USA)

Special service requests, equipment rentals and inquiries about Renting Roy O’Dell Gray To DJ in America for only $695.00:


Important note: All equipment rentals come complete with your personal rental equipment operator, Roy O’Dell Gray.

Inquiries about Renting Roy O’Dell Gray To DJ overseas for only $1,390.00:


Inquiries from 501c3 Organizations to ask how you can pay less and get a documented DJ fee donation:


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Studio Call In Number (to go on the air and speak with Roy, we select only 1 on air caller per quarter)


Here is the latest list of shows on The Jazz Joy and Roy Daily Podcast and Syndication Network:

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