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18th Hottest Jazz Joy and Roy Flashback You Get When You Search For ‘Roy O’Dell Gray Is Limiting October Thru March Bookings To Do More Time With The Wife’

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Just keep scrolling down and you’ll see The Jazz Joy and Roy Global Radio New Car Giveaway that’s so popular it keeps freezing our website, plus you’ll see any specific Jazz Joy and Roy Global Radio episode you may have selected!-----Hats Off To MBA Superstar Roy O’Dell Gray Jr, and our deepest gratitude goes out to everybody who sent a heart-warming message to the MBA grad, who was overjoyed to receive each forwarded message of inspiration. We also congratulate Cousin Vinnie, who has his double AS degree for Architectural Design and Drafting Architecture!—— Thanks to mentions on world-famous FameNews.Net and ForbesAlert.com, Jazz Joy and Roy Global Radio has received our maximum 100 song requests via JazzJoyandRoy@Outlook.com for Saturday June 12 2021, please try again Monday starting at 4am USA Mountain Time. —— Jazz Joy and Roy Global Radio® - Broadcast near Costco in Maricopa County USA - Phone: 714-421-1838 - Email - JazzJoyandRoy@Outlook.com

Jazz Joy and Roy Global Radio unites peaceful, high-achieving pissed off people through great music variety. Since 2007, All Fellow Peaceful Black, White, Brown, Purple and Orange Earthlings Who Are Hellbent On Harnessing Their Power And Gifts To Finish Building Things Like The World’s Finest Global Radio Network, Not Destroy; And Who Put Kind Over Matter As They Warmly Embrace, Not Demonize Other Pissed Off People Who Flock To Jazz Joy and Roy Global Radio For Musical Healing...When Something, Anything, Pisses Them Off...have been able to feed their Jazz Joy and Roy Global Radio addiction for free. The only thing Jazz Joy and Roy Global Radio asks is that listeners sing or hum along when they hear a great song after pressing the Red and White Jazz Joy and Roy Global Radio Button, and, above all, turn Jazz Joy and Roy Global Radio up! —————-And remember, keep striving to be more and more like Legendary Jazz Joy and Roy Global Radio Listeners Alfred And Wife Kim in Michigan USA, who always detail precisely what Legendary Jazz Joy and Roy Global Radio Listeners Alfred And Wife Kim have been doing to spread the news about Jazz Joy and Roy Global Radio, before asking how the show is going; and keep your device locked on Jazz Joy and Roy Global Radio, recalling, as two professionally bright people were recently overheard saying, paraphrasing here, “When all Jazz Joy and Roy Global Radio listeners do a little forgiving, no Jazz Joy and Roy Global Radio listener has to forgive a lot.....”----------- Most Jazz Joy and Roy Global Radio listeners who listen daily to the Jazz Joy and Roy STFU radio specials and loosely adhere to the following Jazz Joy and Roy Global Radio tips find that repeatedly forgiving a Fellow Earthling in their hearts comes down to whether the distance from which they repeatedly forgive that person will be inches, feet, yards or miles (and miles and miles) away: ——————Jazz Joy and Roy Global Radio now recommends 4 to 6 reps of the exercise of your choice, situation permitting, each time your mind relives the occurrence that pissed you off....—————Also, Jazz Joy and Roy suggests being prepared to utilize the powerful energy from your anger to finally do some of your most tedious procrastinated chores (filling out the Jazz Joy and Roy Global Radio most-requested songs log, adding a tune when it receives four or more requests, remembering that streamlining tasks like this frees up some quality time for Kathy; and reviewing the thousands of songs submitted to Jazz Joy and Roy Global Radio by music promoters for airplay are Roy’s). —————-Another way to use that passion for the greater good is giving a soothing, custom crafted massage to another pissed off person (spouses are ideal) to relieve your own tennis/weight lifting pain and pissed off passion (really works for Roy, who has been successfully massaging women since the age of 5), switching hands each time pissed off passions re-emerge....—————-And please remember that being asked to repeat something when you are already pissed off can increase a Jazz Joy and Roy Global Radio listener's pissed off passion. Jazz Joy and Roy Global Radio recommends avoiding wild hand gestures and suggests that you compress your diaphragm or stomach muscles when repeating yourself to minimize emotional and throat aggravation, relaxing the abdominal muscles when voicing fresh opinions/ideas or when silent. This exercise also helps you to de-escalate the situation by controlling your tone of voice. This also helps entertainers and speakers like Jazz Joy and Roy Global Radio's very own Roy avoid getting hoarse before a Jazz Joy and Roy Global Radio or DJ appearance.—————-Occasionally, we get Jazz Joy and Roy Global Radio listeners who are not currently pissed off. These Jazz Joy and Roy Global Radio listeners should watch the faces of others carefully for the squinting WTF expression, as the squinting WTF expression is hard to hide and knee-jerk, instantly letting you know that you just pissed somebody else off. Another thing unpissed Jazz Joy and Roy Global Radio listeners can do is allow the invigorating memories brought back by the nonstop Jazz Joy and Roy Global Radio music to propel their exercise and massages, changing exercises or massage hands as the marvelous memories change......—————————As for those listeners who tell us that they have a hard time imagining Roy pissed off and would get a kick out of witnessing Roy’s pissed off passions, here’s a suggestion: Go work at a store, and when Roy and Kathy buy something over which there is price or policy miscommunication, insinuate or, better yet, just flat out say it’s the fault of Roy’s beautiful and articulate wife Kathy. Plus, you should act like you don’t even know that Kathy has won multiple awards for her communications with some of the most celebrated celebrities in Hollywood and that, each and every time Kathy becomes pissed off at Roy, Roy comes away with a crystal clear understanding of precisely what pissed Kathy off, whether it be the huge discounts Roy is famous for giving DJ and Voice Over clients or Roy’s propensity for treating each client like they’re paying a million bucks. It’s worth noting here that Kathy accomplishes all this without name calling or profanity——that’s right, Kathy is so effective at communicating that Kathy doesn’t even have to use the term “pissed off” for Roy to know that Roy pissed her off! So, if a store rep fails to employ age-old problem ownership phrases like, “I’m so sorry” or “Here’s what I CAN do,” they piss Roy off and Roy let’s them know, carefully following Kathy’s example of no swearing and no name calling.———— And, yes, Roy still pisses himself off when Roy fails to find brilliant, creative, tactful and succinct ways to remind the amazing DJ and Voice Over customers who live in the same great desert community as Roy that, no matter how exciting the opportunity, there is “no way” Roy is going to engage in any outdoor activity (except tennis) that does not allow Roy to keep one hand on a Jazz Joy and Roy Global Radio sun blocking umbrella (yours for only $79.99), after 7am between April and September...—————————- And, yes, indeed, Jazz Joy and Roy Global Radio would have never been born but for the pissed off passions surrounding Roy's creative differences with otherwise fanatically supportive and brilliant radio bosses, who frequently saw Roy vote with Roy’s feet. However, one completely forgiven radio network executive who had kept in touch with Roy for over a year to prep Roy for a spot as the network's next big star got so pissed off when Roy used spicy language in a tennis sports report during paid practice---that's right, practice---that he had security toss Roy out of the building and onto Roy’s butt, which landed in a Culver City USA parking lot. So, Roy really is an expert at forgiving forever the multiple media people that Roy has pissed off. In fact, it was shortly after launching a “forgive everybody all day, every day” initiative in his own heart that Roy was discovered by the likes of TV’s Telma Hopkins and Jenifer Lewis, whose high energy Jazz Joy and Roy promos caused Jazz Joy and Roy Global Radio to flourish.------ And, yes, Jazz Joy and Roy Global Radio Host Roy O’Dell Gray Sr is still resisting the temptation to sell access to Jazz Joy and Roy Global Radio, because Roy gets so much joy from calming down pissed off listeners around the globe that Roy would not even accept the money that Roy gets for Deejay/Voice-Over services, nor would Roy take the money Roy makes when you buy a bunch of stuff from JazzJoyandRoy.com advertisers, if Roy did not also derive joy from reducing the pissed off passions of Kathy, whose first ever glance at Roy appeared, in Roy’s view, to scream, “Get lost, Little Man, you’re pissing me off” and who is the executive producer, manager, and head of the Frequent Marital Relations With The Host division of Jazz Joy and Roy Global Radio.———————“Hey, Roy, just want you to know that my husband and I have been listening to you almost every night hear in Canada ever since we had the pleasure of meeting you at that awesome car show when we visited Arizona.”—Darlene M.———————“Hello there, Roy. I don’t have to tell that that Sun Bowl where you MC’d the car show before the pandemic is as huge as it is beautiful. I walked around that whole venue til I found you to tell you that, until I heard you, I had never heard an announcer who made me want to hear him do more commercials than play music. Funny thing is, I bumped into other people who were trying to find you to tell you the same kind of stuff! I’m so glad I found your radio show online, but do we have to go catch you at another event somewhere to hear more of those ads where you use specially selected music to sell stuff?”—Rachel S.

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