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Kathryn Diane Gray, Music Director and Pimp for Discount DJ and Voice Over Ho Roy O'Dell Gray, who will do any DJ job and/or non-union voice over for only $695.00

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    Does JazzJoyandRoy.com do a fairly good job
      of expaining that the purple or lavender button entitled
        is what you push to listen to JJ&R? 



        Just to recap, you can push this lavender or purple “More Free Jazz Joy and Roy® Broadcasts” Button to Listen to…

          Did you get wind of the fact that there would be no Jazz Joy and Roy

            to enjoy if Roy’s talented sangin’ sister Carole “Ginger” Gray and late cool cousin Michael Gray, who was the singing voice of Fat Albert on the famed cartoon series, had not birthed Roy’s joy for music
              by doing all that great singing around the house?


              Did you know that you still get a free Jazz Joy and Roy hat

                  when the prospect that you encouraged to email JJ&R at JazzJoyandRoy@Outlook.com
                    pays their bill for Roy O’Dell Gray Sr DJ and/or Voice Over work, including, but by no means limited to, audio commercials, personal or business video narration; and high quality cell phone/landline outgoing message recordings for personal or business use?

                  If you are member of the media who has decided to hound Roy O’Dell Gray Sr,
                    whose Uncle Earl told Roy’s wife Kathy that Roy might be a descendent
                      of the late great Cab Calloway and Jeannette Theresa DuBois, also known as Jeannette T. Calloway-DuBois or Ja’net Dubois, can you appreciate Roy’s choice not to accept interviews on this sensitive topic at this time?



                      Did those of you who are still responding to stuff Roy said years ago hear that Roy no longer believes that the makers of the movie The Ladies Man must have based the comedy favorite on Roy’s old days?

                      Has anybody texted you yet to tell you that Roy was once paid handsomely to utter the words, “Ooops, I fall down, go boom”
                        for an eccentric short film producer who was actually very tall, and that the sky is the limit for your ideas on what you choose to pay Roy
                          to voice?     

                          Have you been brought up to speed yet

                            about Roy’s decision not to accept at this time DJ work from client’s who will not allow Roy and Kathy to wear masks on the job
                              and keep all DJ booth visitors a distance of a least 6 feet away?      Roy can, however, accept video narration and
                                other voice over jobs from such clients, when the entire assignment can be completed in Roy’s studio.
                                    Does that sound fair?    

                                      Did anybody ever get around to telling you that Roy has voiced everything from car show extravaganzas to star-studded award shows
                                        and Roy keeps an open mind whenever people in line at the bank,
                                          DJ booth visitors,
                                            tennis players
                                              and people seated nearby at the pizza parlor
                                                pitch Roy new projects?    

                                                Would you believe there are some jJ&R episodes

                                                  that are too controversial, even for JJ&R,
                                                    like the deleted show that showcased a real pastor who told the Jazz Joy and Roy microphone
                                                      that she has orgasms without touching herself?

                                                      Do you remember the name of that famous TV preacher?

                                                          Have you heard the one about how Roy was once the victim of a drive-by payment?     Well, as it turns out, Roy’s DJ and Voice-Over clients 
                                                            are usually above-average bill payers.  When one such great customer who owed Roy money spotted Roy in a fast food drive-thru, the client drove by, parked by The JazzJoyandRoyMobile,
                                                              walked up and paid Roy’s DJ and Voice Over bill
                                                                in full, with a smile to boot.



                                                                  JJ&R is giving away a free Roy O’Dell Gray Live DJ experience to any listener

                                                                    who emails JJ&R an actual photogragh of a real dinosaur!  Got one?

                                                                    Has Roy ever cornered you at a social gathering during one of Roy’s “one drinking session per quarter” experiences to tell you that Roy knew he wanted to communicate for a living
                                                                      when, as a teenager, a carload of gangbangers drove up to Roy as Roy walked down the street…to shoot Roy, having mistaken drumming and sports enthusiast Roy
                                                                        for a rival gang member?    True story.  Roy is only here broadcasting for you today
                                                                          because the would-be shooter, who had a big enough heart to let Roy verbally identify himself, took his hand off the trigger and exclaimed to his gang buddies who were urging him to blow Roy away, “Hey, that ain’t Bad Boy Butch(?), cause Bad Boy Butch don’t talk
                                                                            like that!”

                                                                            Do you agree with Roy’s opinion that all great songs

                                                                              across the board have Jazz roots? 

                                                                              Do you agree with Roy’s position that how positively we utilize our pissed off passion is the true barometer

                                                                                for whether or not the natural experience of getting pissed off is bad or good? 

                                                                                Were you notified that when you send Roy a photo of your classic or vintage car,
                                                                                  you get 10% off your Personal Park and Party Event? 

                                                                                  So far, most listeners

                                                                                    have anonymously told JJ&R that they can commit to actively going above and beyond
                                                                                      to love the people who piss them off by disagreeing with them politically.  Can you?    



                                                                                        Did you know that JazzJoyandRoy.com refreshes at the top of each hour to keep from collapsing
                                                                                          under the weight of
                                                                                          the extremely sharp increase in Jazz Joy and Roy®listenership (thank you)? 



                                                                                          Were you aware that most listeners
                                                                                            maximize their JazzJoyandRoy.com JJ&R experience when they jot down a two or three word description of the episode that is bringing them joy so that you can use the searchbox(es) to find it after JazzJoyandRoy.com refreshes?