News and Politics from Jazz Joy and Roy O'Dell Gray Sr

Since 2007, jamming your Town and Country out of your politically pissed off state of mind. Roy O'Dell Gray Sr is broadcast at midnight Jerusalem time Monday-Saturday from——-Radio syndication and podcast worldwide, non-exclusive, sublicensable, royalty-free feed for the lining of Roy O'Dell Gray Sr's global mobile DJ and 250 grand book narration pockets, as well as, your pre-roll and post roll ads:

Billion Dollar N-Word Phone Service, a full fun-filled hour of calling Roy O’Dell Gray Sr the N-Word

Ever since Roy O’Dell Gray Sr, math fan and host of the popular “News and Politics from Jazz Joy and Roy” syndicated radio show and podcast, became arguably the best full time short African American staff DJ and Newscaster with 12 fingers on a medium market Country Music radio station in Richmond, Virginia USA in the early 80’s, Roy has been used to forgiving people for shouting The N-Word.———Now comes the world’s first Billion Dollar N-Word Phone Service, for the person who has everything.———-Roy will spend one whole hour with you on the phone as you see how many adjectives you can put in front of the N-Word to describe Roy!———-The Billion Dollar N-Word Phone Service. “In today's world, subterfuge sucks. Say it. Pay it.”