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New!  Free JJ&R Global Radio® is now

programmed to

launch automatically for our most pissed off listeners.  If Free JJ&R Global Radio® did not autoplay for you, no worries, just press play!
Tip: Wait 5 seconds after pressing play, and if the show does not start, press play again,

and repeat if necessary, because even the listeners who have to manually start Jazz Joy and Roy® receive JJ&R audio based on how pissed off our system thinks you are, and the most pissed-off listeners get their free Jazz Joy and Roy Global Radio® first.   Important Note: Another sign that Jazz Joy and Roy Global Radio® is being redirected to a listener who is a little more pissed off than you is hearing the broadcast start and stop two or three times, before rocking you hard and nonstop. ——And if Jazz Joy and Roy® still loads too slowly or plays two broadcasts at the same time

due to technical problems with POPS  (The Pissed Off Perception System),  please promise to come right back to JazzJoyandRoy.com if you go ahead and try a few of these trusted ‘Jazz Joy and Roy’ partners, listed in order of the amount of listeners, global fame and brand spanking new business they bring back to JazzJoyandRoy.com advertisers, that include Radio.Net syndicated broadcast outlets for countries like:

Spain — https://www.radio.es/p/jazzjoyandroy

Colombia — https://co.radio.net/p/jazzjoyandroy

The UK —  https://uk.radio.net/p/jazzjoyandroy/app

Brazil —  https://br.radio.net/p/jazzjoyandroy

Canada — https://ca.radio.net/p/jazzjoyandroy/app

Germany — https://www.radio.de/p/jazzjoyandroy

Portugal — https://www.radio.pt/p/jazzjoyandroy

Italy —  https://www.radio.it/p/jazzjoyandroy

France — https://www.radio.fr/p/jazzjoyandroy

Mexico — https://mx.radio.net/p/jazzjoyandroy

Austria — https://www.radio.at/p/jazzjoyandroy


iHeartRadio —  https://www.iheart.com/podcast/256-jjr-31152197/

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iVoox —  https://www.ivoox.com/en/podcast-jj-amp-r-jazz-joy-and-roy_sq_f1992604_1.html


Listen Notes  —  https://www.listennotes.com/es/podcasts/jjr-jazz-joy-and-roy-hosted-by-roy-odell-MY0S-4UHN1p/

Tune In —  https://tunein.com/podcasts/News–Politics-Podcasts/JJR-p1213979/?lang=es-US

My Tuner Radio — https://mytuner-radio.com/ms/podcast/the-jazz-joy-and-roy-daily-podcast-and-syndication-network-when-politics-make-the-jazz-joy-and-roy-daily-podcast-and-syndication-network-roy-odell-gray-host-1282906446



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All Aboard The Mr. Tidbit Twain With Roger CumbieThe Poster Person For "Great JJ&R Email Submission" is Roger 'Tidbit' Cumbie. Mr. Tidbit Continues To Be The Gold Standard In Broadcast Quality Email Submission. Congratulations, Mr. Tidbit.

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