5th hottest Jazz Joy and Roy flashback you get when you search for, ‘Few people make it on their own, and the JazzJoyandRoy.com print ads touted by Roy on JJ&R wouldn’t be so red hot if Kathy, Dave, Roger, Jesse and Allan had not helped Roy at the giant Vintage Vehicles 2020 car show at Arizona USA’s beautiful Sun Bowl!’


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Keep scrolling down for more free JJ&R broadcasts and remember to send your $695.00 print ad to JazzJoyandRoy@Outlook.com to get your print ad on JazzJoyandRoy.com, too, plus say "Jazz Joy and Roy, when something, anything, pisses you off" in your email and get a free audio commercial on Jazz-----Joy-----and-----Roy!--------And now here's a reminder about the host of Jazz-----Joy-----and-----Roy® (JJ&R) :---------- Roy-----O’Dell------Gray is an American DJ who rose to global fame in 2008 when Roy-----O’Dell------Gray's beautiful, leggy eventual wife Kathy who has gorgeous blue eyes, downtown brown hair and a killer smile overheard American television star Telma Hopkins, best known as the singer who said, “Shut yo mouth!” on the Isaac Hayes “Shaft” hit, Aunt Rachel on Family Matters and co-founder of American singing group Tony Orlando and Dawn, shout, “Man, what a great voice (Roy-----O’Dell------Gray) has!” Hopkins readily agreed when Kathy asked Roy-----O’Dell------Gray to ask Hopkins to recreate her comment about Roy-----O’Dell------Gray in a now iconic promo for The Jazz-----Joy-----and-----Roy® (JJ&R) Daily Podcast and Radio Syndication Network.
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