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Right now The Jazz Joy and Roy Daily Podcast and Syndication Network wants to thank the great bunches of you that have talked to your neighbors and texted your friends that Roy continues to be a beacon of great American hope for people around the globe; and that the lyrics to the songs to which you can do a few sets of crunches–or the exercise of your choice–with Roy (doctor, situation permitting) and/or sing along at the end of each broadcast appear on JazzJoyandRoy.com. —–But first, here are a few reminders about JJ&R and The Jazz Joy and Roy Daily Podcast and Syndication Network. The song lyrics also provide clues as to where in the world Roy gets the power to forgive and applaud in less than an hour even people who are as good as Roy at being one of world’s most humble announcers, tennis players and neighbor helpers; —- plus Roy forgives all politicians and listeners whose opinions differ from Roy’s; and Roy, who believes the joy of forgiving others must never be compromised, forgives everybody else, including, but by no stretch of the imagination limited to, Martha Stewart for meeting Snoop before not even ever hearing about Roy, and for not once being one of the female stalker listeners who have passionately pursued Roy over the years, despite Roy’s downright perfect radio face; Roy forgives Roy’s wonderful wife Kathy for not putting up with Roy saying, ‘Hey, SugarHoneyBaby Kathy, that’s not how Martha Stewart would do it’ each time Kathy does anything; —- and Roy forgives each country, state and town that does not have an annual Roy O’Dell Gray Parade.  In short, Roy believes there is not a single voter or politician that we cannot forgive, if we work at it.  —- Roy remains a champion for the kind of forgiveness that shows kindness to all Fellow Earthlings, even in the face of great adversity, even when the road gets long and, yes, even when the odds are great…. —-Though we live in a media age where the value of the forgiveness Roy pushes gets buried under an avalanche of money and advertising, Jazz Joy and  Roy gets deep-seated joy from not accepting any donation of more than sixty dollars from any Jazz Joy and Roy listener, no matter how fervent the listener’s desire to keep the Jazz Joy and Roy broadcast feed available Live and Nonstop, around the clock, without the filter of advertisers….. —-From the corner office to the factory floor, the world is embracing the forgiveness-driven programming of Jazz Joy and Roy more than ever.  And Roy stands more convinced than ever that hard work on the tough task of forgiving pays off, that seriously accepting one’s responsibility to forgive will be rewarded, and that we all get a fair shot when we, each of us, does her and his fair share of forgiving.   Roy fully acknowledges that the path he offers on Jazz Joy and Roy is not typically quick, that the forgiveness Roy espouses on the show is more of a proverbial marathon than a sprint.  Results vary. —-  The Jazz Joy and Roy global forgiveness movement requires shared responsibility, and the type of bold, persistent experimentation that led to Roy’s breakthrough to the power to forgive anybody in less than a hour.  This virtually instant forgiveness extends to any government dictate, program or rollout….Roy inspires listeners to join him in keeping the eye of a hawk on that distant horizon knowing that providence is with us and that a world where forgiveness is cool is a very, very cool world.—-

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