Sun Bowl Amphitheatre–Johnny Mathis and Bob Besko continue to captivate fans globally on Jazz Joy and Roy with only 94 days to go for the Saturday March 3rd 2018 Roy O’Dell Gray Sr return to the Vintage Vehicles of Sun City Car Show at the Beautiful Sun Bowl Amphitheatre here in The States plus the Jazz Joy and Roy Bosnia piece that has Polispin abuzz and much more of the best Roy O’Dell Gray Sr variety of Christmas Country Pop Rock and Jazz tunes


Invisible DJ, The Global Online DJ Experience With Roy O’Dell Gray Sr

When you purchase Invisible DJ, the global online DJ experience with Roy O’Dell Gray Sr, you get the entire DJ performance for your event sent to you online via email and via “snail” mail on a flash drive. U name it your Invisible DJ plays it! Please allow 3 full weeks for prep and delivery. Make Roy O’Dell Gray your Invisible DJ today.



Exact time remaining to Roy O’Dell Gray Sr’s return to The Sun Bowl