Sun Bowl Amphitheatre–Roy O’Dell Gray Sr spins Patsy Cline hits on Jazz Joy and Roy with only 95 days to go for the Saturday March 3rd 2018 Roy O’Dell Gray Sr return to the Vintage Vehicles of Sun City Car Show at the Beautiful Sun Bowl Amphitheatre here in The States plus much more of the best Roy O’Dell Gray Sr variety of Country Pop Rock and Jazz on Jazz Joy and Roy



The “Tell Me A Jazz Story” Audiobook, narrated by Roy O’Dell Gray Sr

Narrated by Roy O’Dell Gray Sr, this audiobook is read to you using your first name, last name, full name or nickname. It’s delivered directly to your email box, and takes you through some of the defining moments in Jazz history. Please allow 48 hours delivery.



Exact time remaining to Roy O’Dell Gray Sr’s return to The Sun Bowl