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If you want to have a permanent copy of a particular showPromoPicJazzJoyandRoy  just let us know what date you are looking for, then correctly answer each question in our Blanking Joy game and it’s yours free.   The show will be provided on a cd that can play on your computer or standard CD player.

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The syndication of Jazz Joy and Roy is an American bootstrapping success story, but don’t just take our word for it, check out what Stitcher Radio wrote to Jazz Joy and Roy:

“Based on listener requests, your show is now available on Stitcher Smart Radio. Stitcher is an award-winning mobile application delivering talk radio and podcasts to a rapidly growing audience. Listeners can discover the best podcasts and live radio programs on demand. Stitcher is integrated with Ford, GM and BMW vehicles….”–Rachel Eaton, Stitcher Radio